Sunday, April 22, 2012


In December of 2011 I packed my car up and left Boston, MA, my home of the last 5 yrs.

I had a great job at Children's Hospital as the executive administrative assistant to 3 directors in the I.T. department - one of which was a doctor. I loved my job at Children's, but I just couldn't see myself living in Boston for the rest of my life. I considered New York City as I practically was there every weekend anyway, but for several reasons, that didn't work out either and I found myself thinking about California again. I was originally going to move there before going to Boston, but due to some health problems that I was having, I chose Boston and ended up getting the health care that I desperately needed.

I left Boston on Dec. 18. If it didn't fit in my car, it didn't make the trip...which means at this moment some of my things are sitting in my sister's basement in Maynard, MA. 

I arrived in Texas (my original home) on Dec. 23. I could have been there earlier, but I visited with friends along the way. One being the first "best friend" that I ever had from the 1st grade. Deana & I visited in her new home in Little Rock, AR and we had a great time catching up.  Kentwood Elementary Pathers for life:

My plan was that I would stay with my mom for a few months - work a part time job for some mad money (car payment/insurance) and start applying online to jobs in CA. I really would like to work at Children's in LA, but the problem is that Children's Hospitals are not affiliated with one another. I don't have the option to just transfer to another CH.  I have to apply again just like it's another job with another company.  Sure, it helps that I have 5 yrs under my belt from Boston, but it doesn't give me any advantage really.

So long story short, here it is - April - and I'm no closer to California than I was in December. Disappointing? Sure, but I will continue to stay positive and hope for the best.

I did get selected by Cedars Sinai Hospital for 2 different positions (my resume was selected to the next round of interviews I should say), but I was over-qualified for those jobs and so I wasn't the best choice.  It happens. I understand.

I am currently working as a registered Pharmacy Technician at a Pharmacy here in my hometown which means that I know more about people here than I really care to.  Small town - news travels VERY fast - and suddenly I know more about Viagra and who's taking it than I care to.  If it's not Viagra, it's hydrocodone.  Or Cialis. I'm not naming names of course, because that would violate people's privacy, but again - small town - people I grew up with... it's eye-opening.

Don't get me wrong - if you need medicine then by all means - take it.  I have no problem with it.  I guess it's the ones that are addicted to the point of yelling at me and telling me to go fuck myself because their pain killer isn't ready.  Have a seat over there, sir. Your pain medication will be ready in a few hours.

I suppose that there's a part of me that is a little depressed, but I'm trying really hard.  I'm working extremely hard.  I come home and I crash..or I get online to look for jobs.  So website updates and replying to e mails have somewhat hit the back burner and I look forward to the day when I am able to just resume that lifestyle. ha! 

I know that I've ignored countless e mails or Facebook messages from many, many people. Please don't take it personally. The part time job turned into full time because I don't have a habit of calling in sick and I actually show up to work on time and come in for extra shifts when others call in.  I need the money because I cannot dip into my savings that I have set aside to get to California.

So I'm going to try to just update and blog here... again, thanks for checking in on me.  And if you need an AMAZING administrative assistant in the LA area, let me know where to forward my resume.  Also, some of you have asked me if I was going or could go to the New Orleans jazz fest to see Foo Fighters - I would love to, but it's just not a possibility at this time.  I realize I'm one state over from it, but financially it's just not smart for me to do at this time.  Have fun if you're going or if you're going to any of the upcoming shows. I'm there in spirit.  :-)

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